Preparing for change – What should schools be doing to prepare for implementing the new SEND Code of Practice

The new SEND Code of Practice was finally given parliamentary approval in July 2014 for implementation from September 2014. It sets out clear guidance to early years settings and schools on the process for appropriate identification, monitoring and securing further support for children with SEN.
Schools need to be preparing for the changes outlined in the Code of Practice – here is a ten step guide to preparing for change.

  • Read the relevant chapters of the Code of Practice.

  • Make sure all staff, governing body and parents are aware of the new SEND legislation.

  • Develop your SEN Information Report and publish on your website.

  • Ensure that everyone in the school understands what is expected from every teacher, every day. What does Quality First Teaching look like in our school?

  • Review your current school action and school action plus pupils and decide which pupils will be transferred to the single category, SEN Support.

  • Ensure that all staff understand the graduated approach four-part-cycle and have the knowledge and skills to develop and plan for each pupil who requires SEN Support.

  • Review and revise the school’s SEND Policy.

  • Review your SEND register and record keeping systems (IEPs are not statutory).

  • Carry out a professional development audit for all staff and develop a programme of CPD to ensure the school workforce is being used effectively to meet the needs of all pupils.

  • Review the effectiveness of school funding and Pupil Premium for SEND pupils.