Mentally Healthy Schools



With the introduction of social, emotional and mental health as an area of need in the SEND Code of Practice 2015 schools are having to develop strategies and training to support their workforce in identifying and intervening at the earliest stage.

Pupils who are exhibiting withdrawn or isolated behaviour or those displaying challenging, disruptive or disturbing behaviour are probably experiencing social, emotional or mental health difficulties that they are finding hard to communicate other than through their behaviour.

In extreme cases schools will need to refer to specialist agencies such as CAMHS but the first response to any concerns has to be by the class or subject teacher supported by the SENCO.

With this in mind schools should be ensuring that they are mentally healthy for both staff and pupils.

All schools should have a named lead for mental health and well – being promotion but an ethos that promotes ‘mental health is everyone’s responsibility’.

A mentally healthy school would demonstrate:

  • A school wide commitment to mental health and well-being across all school practice

  • Engagement of leadership and management to effect whole school change

  • Mental health and well-being is a key feature of all school policies, processes and procedures

  • The school culture and environment needs to be mentally healthy

  • Recognition of staff mental health and well-being paramount to the process and high quality professional development available to all

  • A commitment from all staff to being responsive to children and young people’s needs

  • A strong partnerships with parents, carers, families and wider community

  • Clear guidelines for internal and external referrals and good links with external agencies to provide access to support and information

  • Celebrating success by ensuring assessment , record keeping and reporting systems are in place that recognise progress, attainment and achievement

There are an increasing number of good resources now available to support schools – a selection of these can be found on my resources page 

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