Children with SEND and SATs – What we know so far! Part 1

The 2016 Assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA) for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 were revised in December 2015, their publication coincided with the Interim recommendations from the Rochford Review outlining the reporting arrangements for those pupils who have not completed the relevant key stage programme of study and therefore working below the standard of statutory testing arrangements. This is based on interim guidance which will be for 2016 only.


Key Stage 1

Participation in tests
Pupils must take the tests if they:
  • Have completed the programme of study for KS1
  • Are considered to be working at the standard of the best
The tests are designed to be used with all pupils at the appropriate standard. Some pupils working below the ‘expected standard’ and who will not achieve a scaled score of 100 should take the tests. Each teacher should use their knowledge of each pupil to decide whether to administer the tests with them. They may use the sample materials to help inform their decisions.
Teachers shouldn’t use the tests with pupils who are:
  • Working below the standard of the tests
  • Are unable to participate in the tests using suitable access arrangements.
Headteachers should decide whether it is appropriate for each of their pupils to take the tests.
In coming to this decision headteachers should:
  • Discuss the pupil’s circumstances and needs with their parents and teachers
  • If appropriate consult with other professionals such as educational psychologists, medical offers or specialist staff
Once the decision has been made the headteacher should explain the decision to parents and write a report explaining why the pupil should not undertake the tests. A copy of this should be sent to parents and the chair of governing body.
If a school decides not to enter a pupil for the tests or if a teacher does not have evidence that a pupil consistently meets all the statements in the lowest standards in the interim teacher assessment frameworks, the interim pre-key stage standards should be used to provide a statutory assessment outcome for the pupil and any reasonable adjustments which reflect usual classroom practice may remain for teacher assessment – more details can be found here.
Access arrangements
The tests are designed so that most pupils with SEND can participate in the standard format. However, teachers may need to use access arrangements to adapt the administrative arrangements for the tests. Using access arrangements during the tests should be based primarily on normal classroom practice. They should neither advantage or disadvantage individual pupils.
2016 Assessment and reporting arrangements
Interim teacher assessment frameworks at the end of KS1
Rochford Review – Interim recommendations