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A ten step guide to SEN CPD

Here are my suggestions as to the steps to undertake in order to ensure that  SEN professionals develop in line with the changing demands of current requirements:

  • Audit the skills and expertise of the current school workforce
  • Audit the whole school professional development needs for SEN based on the current cohorts of children and young people
  • Using the information from the two audits develop a CPD programme using internal staff to deliver wherever possible
  • Offer opportunities for teachers to observe each other, teach alongside each other, visit other classrooms and  visit other schools
  • Offer opportunities for the SENCO to meet with other SENCOs to share good practice across a number of schools
  • Offer opportunities for staff to reflect on their practice and feel comfortable in sharing both the positive and the negative moments
  • Organise at least one training day per year to support SEN and Inclusion – One-in- five for One –in – five!
  • Establish an ethos that values everyone’s expertise including how children and young people might be able to contribute to training sessions
  • Use free on-line resources that are readily available to support workforce development – http://www.nasen.org.uk/onlinesendcpd/
  • Offer every member of staff access to high quality professional development that meets their needs and enables them to deliver outstanding teaching to every pupil every day.